Victorian Landfill Seminar

Tuesday 29 November 2016

max presenter

Session 1 Landfills and Climate Change – Max Spedding, look ALOA

Session 2 Landfill Planning– Daniel Fyfe, Hanson

Session 3 Landfill Licensing and Licence Management– Elisa de Wit, Norton Rose

Session 4 Hallam Road Landfill Odour Management – Mick Belijac, SUEZ

Session 5 Daily Cover Final Capping – Sam Bateman, Bateman Bros Consulting

Session 6 Envirofix Biogas Flares Richard Hurley, Envirofix

Session 7 Leachate Treatment and Disposal – Simon Jacki, By-Jas PL

Session 8 Managing Landfill Fires– Tom Wetherill, Veolia