The Australian Landfill Owners Association (ALOA) was formed in late 2008. It is an incorporated entity with members from across Australia.

Modern landfills are an essential element in today’s integrated waste management infrastructure as landfills:

  1. Offer cost effective and reliable disposal of recycling and processing residues and unsorted wastes;
  2. Manage greenhouse gas emission by methane collection and combustion;
  3. Provide a source of renewable energy;
  4. Have the flexibility to accept variable waste volumes; and
  5. Are reliable last resorts for the acceptance of large volumes of ‘disaster’ waste.

Member landfills provide services to the general public, ambulance, local government, industry, property developers, mining and agriculture.

ALOA members receive and safely manage the disposal of almost three quarters of the waste landfilled in Australia.

Since its inception ALOA has defended the interests of it members in national and state issues. In particular ALOA has campaigned for fairer treatment under the ‘carbon’ tax and for changes to the NGER determination.

ALOA is governed by a ‘national’ board and has state ‘chapters’ in each of the mainland states.

The ALOA secretariat is located in Melbourne.