ALOA membership is open to landfills and organisations supporting the industry.  There are three membership categories:

  1. Member – landfill owners that landfill more the 15,000 tonnes of waste per annum
  2. Associate Member (landfill) – landfill owners that landfill less the 15, 000 tonnes of waste per annum 
  3. Associate Member (non landfill) – other entities who wish to join ALOA 

Annual Fees

Annual membership is payable based on the amount of landfill received each year. This money is used to fund the administration of the association, media campaigns, government submissions and lobbying.

CategoryLandfill received p/a (tonnes)Membership Fee (ex GST)
Associate (landfill)Less 15,000$536
Member15,001 – 100,000$1,628
Member100,001 – 300,001$2,625
Member300,001 – 1,000,000,$$6,458
Member100,000,000 +$15,750
Associate (non landfill)here for more info$6,458

If you landfill more the 15,000 tonnes of waste per annum you are eligible to become an ALOA member.  
Terms & Conditions


To join ALOA please download return your application form to

Associate Member (landfill) 

If you landfill less the 15,000 tonnes of waste per annum you are eligible to become an Associate member.  
Associate Membership Policy

Associate (non landfill)

If you are a non landfill please complete the form below.  Click here for more information.