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07/11/13 ALOA Submission on ERF
01/11/13 ALOA Submission re Draft Carbon Tax Repeal Legislation
01/11/13 Letter to Hon Greg Hunt re Draft Carbon Tax Repeal Legislation
23/10/13 ALOA Board recommendation  in response to the draft CPM repeal documentation released last week
04/09/13 ALOA’s Position Paper on Direct Action in the Waste Sector.  Forwarded to Hon Greg Hunt 3/9/13
12/08/13 Submission by Norton Rose Fulbright on behalf of the Australian Landfill Owners Association
Draft Clean Energy Legislation Amendments
 22/07/13 BLOG
Landfills and Carbon Abatement, Max Spedding, Secretary/Spokesperson, ALOA
 17/07/13 Letter to Hon Mark Butler, Minister for Environment, Climate Change, Heritage and Water
 29/06/13 Yvette D’Arth, Parliamentary Secretary, Climate Change, Industry and Innovation
 29/03/13 Letter to Yvette D’Arth, from ALOA and ACOR, Parliamentary Secretary, Climate Change, Industry and Innovation
21/03/13 Letter to Jenny Wilkinson
Deputy Secretary
Implementation of “carry over” rules
28/02/13 ALOA Member Recommendation (Updated) Estimating Direct Debit Costs at Landfills
20/06/12 Letter to Mark Dreyfus Competition between CPM ‘covered’ and ‘uncovered’ landfills
25/05/12 NGERS Amendment Determination 2012: Consultation draft
14/05/12 Estimating Direct Debit Costs at Landfills
18/04/12 Letter from Mark Dreyfus, Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change & Energy Efficiency
13/04/12 Submission Waste Levy Review (NSW Chapter)
28/03/12 Presentation A carbon price
31/01/12 Activity Update to members regarding ALOA activity
11/11/11   Letter Phil Frensham regarding EPP (SA Chapter)
02/11/11 Presentation ACCC: Carbon Price
25/10/11 Presentation A carbon price
12/10/11   Letter Greg Combet: Response to Media Release ‘Landfill Changes Respond to Local Government’
09/05/11 Submission DCCEE Consultation Support Team: CPM architecture and implementation arrangements
23/03/11 Research Landfill gas combustion and the CFI
21/01/11 Carbon Farming Initiative
27/01/11 Submission Levy Review (QLD Chapter)
23/12/10 Letter Greg Hunt: GHG Emissions
03/08/10 Letter  to ALOA – Tony Hodgson: NSW Levy
02/08/10   Letter Greg Hunt: Direct Actions to reduce GHG emission
28/07/10 Position Paper Waste Levies Rebate for the Generation of Electricity from Landfill Gas
14/07/10 Submission Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management, Queensland’s Draft Waste Strategy 2010-2020
05/07/10 Letter Frank Sartor, Introducing ALOA and Position on Waste Levies
25/06/10   Letter Julia Gillard: Congratulations on New Position
11/06/10 Letter Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland’s Draft Waste Strategy 2010-2020
04/06/10 Submission EPA Victoria: Best Practice Environmental Management Siting, Design, Operation and Rehabilitation of Landfills
17/05/10   Letter Senator Wong: NGERS Reporting
04/05/10   Letter EPHC Ministers: National Waste Policy – Less Water, More Resources
14/04/10 Letter Cheryl Batagol, Landfill Levy Regulations Review
14/04/10 Letter Cheryl Batagol, Bioreactor Landfill Requirements
10/03/10 Letter Helen Fulcher, EPA South Australia, Declaration of the Environmental Protection (Waste to Resource) Notice 2010
05/03/10   Letter Justin Madden, Planning Issues facing Waste Industry
04/09/09 Letter David Rossiter: Greenhouse & Energy Data Office
16/07/09 Letter Waste Policy Taskforce (DEWHA)
21/06/10 Letter Helen Fulcher, EPA South Australia, Environment Protection (Waste to Resources) Policy 2010
29/05/09 Speech Max Spedding at Senate Economics Committee
22/04/09 Extract Climate Change Policy Committee
22/04/09 Speech Climate Change Policy Committee (Senate Inquiry)
14/04/09 Letter Stephen Bygrave: Amendments to CPRS draft
07/04/09 Letter Greg Combet: meeting follow up
25/03/09 Submission Inquiry into the exposure drafts of the legislation to implement the CPRS
16/03/09 Letter Stephen Bygrave
26/02/09 Letter Stephen Bygrave
20/02/09 Submission Draft Environment Protection Policy document released November 2008
12/02/09 LetterStephen Bygrave
27/01/09 Letter David Pearce: CPRS White Paper
22/08/09 Letter Stephen Bygrave: Clarification of treatment of legacy emissions from solid waste to landfill in the CPRS white paper