Contemporary Landfill Issues – Webinar 15 November 2023

Join us for our annual modern landfill webinar on 
ON: Wednesday 15 November from 10 am- 12.30pm
VIA: Zoom

FREE for ALOA Members
$50 Per head Non Members


The Agenda for the day will include presentations by key players in the landfill sector with plenty of time for questions.

Introduction and welcome
Colin Sweet, ALOA CEO

We hope you can join us to hear from our expert line up of speakers who will discuss contemporary landfill issues. We will also allow plenty of time for questions.

Session 1 – Daniel Fyfe, Chair ALOA and Land and Mineral Reserves Manager, Hanson

Part 1 – Current Construction Approval Issues

  • EPAs challenging its auditors.
  • Construction Quality Assurance levels and a review of the need for extensive CQA

Part 2 – Energy Park Opportunities

  • Add a Data Centre or Battery to your LFG Power Station
  • Negative Tariffs on windy sunny days

Session 2 – Wayde Peterson, Executive Director Business Enterprise, Shellharbour City Centre and Ryan Stirling, Executive Manager, Waste Services, Shellharbour City Centre

Operating a Modern Landfill in the local government environment
Presented by Wayde Peterson, Executive Director Business Enterprise and Ryan Stirling, Executive Manager Waste Services – Shellharbour City Centre

  • training programs for new staff
  • running a 7 day per week service on a 35 hour award
  • aging workforce
  • inability to attract skilled and experienced management professionals
  • slow technology uptake
  • expectation from community that the service should be lower cost or no cost
  • managing fraudulent transactions
  • spiralling costs of consultant support
  • trade off between commercialisation and securing residential waste volumes with no technology fix on horizon
  • trade off between owning landfill and contracting out to other facilities….what next?

Session 3 Ben Sibley, Goldsmith Civil and Environment

The Construction Perspective

  • Introduction
  • Recent landfill projects overview
  • Construction issues including project timing, design, GITA/CQA/Auditor interface & materials, all ultimately affecting the cost to construct.
  • Strategies for landfill owners to help plan/mitigate key issues to reduce construction cost and provide more certainty around construction duration and completion dates.

Session 4 – Marcus Geisler, CEO, Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council

Established community owned assets become CE hubs and decarbonisation leaders

  • LGAs evolving from landfill managers to CE network and infrastructure enablers
  • Decarbonisation is the driver for change
  • LGA utilising their unique position to interface with and activate its communities
  • Collaboration is the accelerator
  • Real examples of implementation at the EMRC

FREE for ALOA Members
$50 Per head Non Members


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