Media Release – Liberal’s Proposed Energy from Waste Scheme Flawed

Media Release

25 November 2019

The Liberal National opposition leader has claimed that rubbish could be turned into power in a bid to help solve Victoria’s waste crisis, under a major policy proposal from the opposition.

“By investing in energy-from-waste facilities and upgrading recycling technology throughout Victoria, the Liberal Nationals will eliminate household waste going to landfill by 2035,” opposition leader Michael O’Brien said.

ALOA CEO Colin Sweet says that “ALOA supports waste avoidance and a reduction of waste to landfill, however landfill disposal is an integral component of the overall waste management matrix.

Landfill disposal must remain in place for waste materials that cannot be recycled or burnt such as asbestos, contaminated soils and recycling residuals.

ALOA is concerned that it is not possible to eliminate landfill without promoting dispersing pollution.

The proposed scheme appears flawed given Waste To Energy (WtE) concentrates heavy metals in the Bottom Ash, which will need to go to landfill, or will alternatively spread through the environment through poor reuse – which will be counter-productive!

The $120 million over four years will not buy any significant infrastructure in the waste to energy space.

ALOA asks, “Where will the WtE facilities be built? “

For further, information contact ALOA CEO Colin Sweet at or 0409 290 209

Colin Sweet

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