Chair’s Address


Welcome to the Australian Landfill Owners Association’s (ALOA) fifteenth Annual General Meeting.

ALOA stands as the singular association dedicated to promoting the interests of Australian landfills and acknowledging their significant role in the country’s waste management sector. Our commitment to advocacy is unwavering and solely aimed at advancing the industry.

Throughout the past year, ALOA has persistently championed the interests of its members and the industry at large, engaging with governmental at every level to address crucial industry issues. Our efforts have included:

  • Undertaking member consultation and making numerous submissions with regards to the Safeguard Mechanism.
  • Consulting with members and making submissions in response to the ACCU review.
  • Consulting and making a submission to the EPA VIC, providing comment on the current Landfill Licensing Guidelines draft to contest that within Appendix 11 that the CQA plan must also include Level 1 supervision requirements and hold points for sub-grade.
  • We made numerous submissions on the proposed NGERs amendments.
  • Consulted with members on Victoria’s Renewable Gas Consultation paper issued by The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA).
  • Met with Recycling Victoria on the Risk Consequence and Contingency Planning Framework to provide feedback to ensure ALOA members prescribed as Responsible Entities are supported.
  • Sent a join communication to the NSW EPA from ALOA and The Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR) to request consideration and review of the current regulations regarding deductions from the waste levy for materials used for operational purposes at landfill sites.
  • Engaged with the Emissions Reduction Division of the Carbon Crediting Branch of the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water in relation to Emissions Avoidance Methods and Method Reform to help improve the Department’s understanding of our sector.
  • CEO Colin Sweet participateds in numerous working groups, include the EPA Sector Consultation Group and the Waste and Recycling Sector Consultation Group to represent the Landfill industry.
  • Met with state-based EPAs on numerous occasions.

In addition to this:

  • I (Daniel Fyfe) presented at a landfill Conference in Italy.
  • CEO Colin Sweet was quoted in the Financial Review regarding moves by the Albanese government to sign a major international pledge to cut methane emissions by 30%. “Colin Sweet told The Australian Financial Review his industry was working with the government on gas capture systems. ‘‘I guess the question is what is being proposed by the government that is different from what we’re already doing,’’ he said. ‘‘What is the mechanism by which the government wants to further reduce methane from the landfill industry?’’

The State Chapters have continued to represent members’ views on state-based issues.  I would like to thank our State Chapter Chairs:

  • NSW – Colin Sweet
  • Queensland – Richard Taylor (until December 2022)
  • WA – Marcus Geisler
  • SA – Brad Lemmon
  • Victoria – Daniel Fyfe

The ALOA Board

The ALOA Board is comprised of a dedicated group of members and stakeholders who have worked hard on behalf of members and the industry.  The board meets monthly to identify, debate and advocate on key industry issues.

I would like to thank the following Directors who served in 2022/23:

  • Richard Taylor (Ti Tri Bioenergy)
  • Wayde Peterson (Shellharbour City Council)
  • Noni Shannon (Partner, Norton Rose)
  • Marcus Geisler (EMRC)
  • Simon Clay (BMCC)
  • Bradley Lemmon (ResourceCo)

Directors for the year ahead

In December last year Richard Taylor retired from the board after serving for almost eight years, during which time he served as our Queensland representative. We extend our sincere thanks to Richard for his tenure on the ALOA board.

Simon Clay also recently retired as a director after leaving the City of Wyndham.  We thank Simon for his work.

We appointed our CEO Colin Sweet as a Director in May 2023.  He now serves as CEO, Director and Treasurer.

At this AGM the terms of Wayde Peterson from Shellharbour City Council and Marcus Geisler are due to expire.  In line with the Constitution, both renominated for election.

Additionally, new member Cleanaway has nominated Preet Brar, General Manager (VIC / Tas) to be on the board.

As the number of nominations did not exceed the number of vacant positions, they were both deemed to be elected.  As such, each will serve another two-year term on the board to represent ALOA members.

On behalf of all ALOA members, I would like to thank my fellow Directors and our CEO Colin Sweet for their work during 2022/23.  We look forward to your continued membership and support to enable this important organisation to grow and thrive.

Thank you

Daniel Fyfe
Australian Landfill Owners Association

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