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Chairman’s Address & AGM Minutes

December 20, 2016
Click here to view full AGM Minutes_191216 Welcome to the eighth Annual General Meeting of the Australian Landfill Owners Association...
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Chairman’s Address

December 20, 2016
Welcome to the eighth Annual General Meeting of the Australian Landfill Owners Association (ALOA). ALOA was incorporated in December 2008...
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October Member Update

October 25, 2016
Inside Election of Directors Annual General Meeting Changes to Constitution E-waste Bans from Landfill Landfill and Carbon Best Practice Workshop...
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2016 AGM and Director Elections

October 21, 2016
The Australian Landfill Owners Association’s (ALOA) Annual General Meeting will be held ON Monday, buy 19 December 2016 at 10 am...
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ALOA Victorian Seminar 29/11/16

October 19, 2016
To attend our Victorian Landfill Seminar on 29/11/16 click here Download flyer Date Tuesday 29 November, medications 2016 Time 10am-5pm (ALOA members)...
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National waste report submission, 12/09/16

September 20, 2016
Submission - National waste report, cheapest Department of the Environment and Energy, 12/09/16
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Audit Requirements 19/09/16

September 20, 2016
Waste Industry Protocol – Suggested audit-requirments
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NSW – New reporting and waste levy requirements 19/10/16

September 20, 2016
Letter to NSW Environment Protection Authority 19/10/16
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SA Landfill Levy 12/07/16

July 20, 2016
ALOA's submission to Mr Ian Hunter MLC, Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation regarding the announcement to increase the Adelaide Landfill Levy. ALOA's...
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Submission to Infrastructure Victoria June 2016

June 20, 2016
ALOA's submission to Infrastructure Victoria Feedback to the document “All things considered published in May 2016”
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Emission intensity guidelines 15/04/16

April 20, 2016
Guidelines - Emission Intensity Benchmark Guidelines
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Meeting with Mark Butler MP 12/04/16

April 20, 2016
Briefing note Hon Mark Butler, online MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy . 12/04/16
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Meeting with Adam Bandt 12/04/16

April 20, 2016
Briefing Note - meeting with Adam Bandt MP, this  Greens climate and energy spokesperson, 12/04/16
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Climate Change Policy Review Submission 12/02/16

February 20, 2016
Submission to the Climate Change Authority – Special Review, ed February 17, 2016,
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Future Carbon Policy 24/02/16

February 20, 2016
Letter Hon Mark Butler, treat MP on Future Carbon Policy, this 24/02/16 Letter Senator  Di Natale, Leader of the Greens...
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04/09/18Consultation on exposure draft amendments to the Safeguard Mechanism
05/07/18Queensland Waste Submission
19/06/18Emissions Reduction Fund landfill gas method review
21/05/18PFAS National Environmental Management Plan
29/03/18Emissions Reduction Fund Safeguard Mechanism Submission
07/02/18New Minimum standards for managing construction and demolition waste in NSW
18/12/17PFAS Impact Regulation Statement
11/12/17Construction Waste Management Reforms
27/10/17ALOA seeks minimum standard for managing construction demolition waste in NSW
23/09/17ALOA’s PFAS National Environmental Management Plan  Submission
21/09/17ALOA’s response to the Senate Standing Committee’s Enquiry in Environment and Communication
21/09/17ALOA’s submission in response to the Energy from Waste Enquiry
21/09/17Queensland investigation into interstate waste transportation
17/07/17Climate Change Review
26/06/17Crediting Period Extension Review
30/01/17SA Waster Reform Amendment Bill
17/01/17Waste Hubs Framework
12/09/16National Waste Report submission
19/09/16Waste Industry Protocol- Suggested audit requirements
19/10/16Letter to NSW Environment Protection Authority 19/10/16
12/07/16SA Landfill Levy
20/06/16ALOA’s submission to Infrastructure Victoria to the document “All things considered published May 2016”
12/04/16Briefing Note – meeting with Adam Bandt MP,   The Greens Climate and Energy spokesperson
15/04/16 Submission – ALOA’s Emission Intensity Benchmark Submission
17/02/16Submission -ALOA’s Climate Change Special Review Submission
15/12/15ALOA AGM – 2015 AGM Chairmans’ Address
04/09/15September Member Update
03/08/15August Member Update
03/08/15Waste Industry Protocol
29/07/15Waste Industry Protocol announcement
27/04/15ALOA’s response to the Emission Reduction Fund safeguard mechanism consultation paper
06/02/15ALOA’s response to the consultation paper ­ ‘Handling of early collected carbon tax charges held by landfill operators’
22/12/14Article, Daily Telegraph, Carbon tax rates rip-off: Greedy councils pocket our cash as NSW government calls for a ‘please explain’
22/12/14Joint statement by ALOA & the Waste Management and Recycling Associations (WCRA) in relation to the NSW Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014
16/12/14ALOA AGM 2013/14 Chairman’s Report
12/03/14Letter to Minister Hunt re Emission Reduction Fund – Coverage of the Waste Sector
21/02/14 Submission to the Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper
14/02/14Letter from Hon Greg Hunt in response to ALOA’s letter of 19/12/13
19/12/13Letter to Hon Greg Hunt, Minister for the Environment,  re Coverage of the Waste Sector under Direct Action
07/11/13Submission ALOA Submission on ERF
 01/11/13Submission ALOA Submission re Draft Carbon Tax Repeal Legislation
07/11/13Letter to Hon Greg Hunt re Draft Carbon Tax Repeal Legislation
01/11/13Submission Draft Carbon Tax Repeal Legislation
01/11/13Letter To Hon Greg Hunt re Draft Carbon Tax Repeal Legislation
23/10/13Recommendation  Response to the draft CPM repeal documentation released last week
04/09/13Direct Action in the Waste Sector
12/08/13Submission Draft Clean Energy Legislation Amendments
17/07/13Letter to Hon Mark Butler, Minister for Environment, Climate Change, Heritage and Water
 29/06/13Letter From Yvette D’Arth, Parliamentary Secretary, Climate Change, Industry and Innovation
29/03/13Letter To Yvette D’Arth, from ALOA and ACOR, Parliamentary Secretary, Climate Change, Industry and Innovation
 21/03/13Letter To Jenny Wilkinson from ALOA, Deputy Secretary DCCEE
Implementation of “carry over” rules
28/02/13Member Recommendation (Updated) Estimating Direct Debit Costs at Landfills

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