October Member Update

ALOA Member Update – October 2016

Email send date: Tuesday 25 October 2016


Election of Directors

Annual General Meeting

Changes to Constitution

E-waste Bans from Landfill

Landfill and Carbon

Best Practice Workshop – Victoria Nov 29

Landfill Levies

Election of Director

This year all elected ‘director’ positions expire at the December 19 Annual General Meeting.  Assuming up to two positions are held for skilled based appointments, dosage there will be up to six positions available.

Election Timetable

Activity Date
Nominations open Monday 31 October, 2016
Nominations close Friday 18 November 2016
Election opens Monday 8 December 2016
Election closes 5 pm AEDT, Thursday 15 December 2016
AGM 10 am AEDT, Monday 19 December 2016

Full details    Nomination Form – PDF    Nomination Form – word

Annual General Meeting

The Australian Landfill Owners Association’s (ALOA) Annual General Meeting will be held
ON Monday, 19 December 2016 at 10 am AEDT.
AT  ALOA’s office, Level 13, 200 Queen Street, Melbourne
AND via teleconference.  Dial in details
Refer links Full details and ALOA AGM Agenda 2016

Change to Constitution

As part of this year’s strategy review and budget preparation, the Board has agreed to propose an amendment to the Association member eligibility requirements at this year’s annual general meeting.

Currently membership is only available to landfills receiving over 50,000 tonnes of waste per annum.  This was considered appropriate at the time as these landfills were likely to be captured under the 2008-09 carbon legislation.

Now that we have moved on from a focus on carbon to the promotion of sustainability and ‘best’ practice operations, the Board believes the eligibility requirements should be reduced to 15,000 tonnes of waste received per annum.  This change will allow many regional landfills, who in the past have only had access to ‘associate’ membership, to join Australia’s only dedicated landfill owner’s association.

Refer links Full details and  AGM Agenda

E-Waste from Landfill

Over the past three months ALOA has been actively involved in the development of new legislation to ban the acceptance of e-waste at Victorian landfills. This has included attendance at community forums, participation in consultant investigations and hosting a visit to the Hanson landfill in Melbourne.

ALOA’s position is to support the process of e-waste, but to actively lobby for action to be taken early in the supply chain so as to avoid financial penalties being applied to the landfill owner if e-waste is unloaded at the landfill face.

Landfill and Carbon

At this time only a handful of landfills will be captured under the government’s ‘safeguard mechanism’ some-time in the next decade.

As this legislation will be reviewed to strengthen Australia’s abatement activities next year, in order to meet the new world wide emission reduction target, it is likely more landfills will be covered and new targets set.

ALOA has argued to date that the waste industry should not be covered by the safeguard mechanism as:

  • The sector has successfully reduced emissions through the support offered by the Emission Reduction Fund (ERF); and
  • The proposed emissions assessment method is inappropriate for landfills.
Best Practice Workshop – Victoria November 29

The Victorian Chapter has arranged a best practice workshop for members and landfill managers at the Suez Hallam Road landfill next month.

The program will include updates on:

  • Carbon
  • Planning and regulation
  • Workshop discussion on odour, leachate, gas and cover options.

This one day event will be open to non-members for a fee of $300 per attendee.  There is NO COST for ALOA members.

If you believe a similar program or webinar should be held in your state, please contact me so we can investigate providing such a service.

For full details visit ALOA Victorian Seminar

Landfill Levies

Following South Australia’s notice that state landfill levies will be increased to over $100 tonne within two years, ALOA has held discussions with the EPA to establish a procedure to seek a levy credit should a significant client fail to pay their levy invoice.  This matter is now being considered.

Thank you for your support over the year.
Max Spedding
Australian Landfill Owners Association (ALOA)
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