Victoria: Waste Mass Balance and Levy Statements 

EPA Victoria has released a new Guideline (publication 2040) and reporting template to support landfill permission holders in preparing waste mass balance reports.

From 1 July 2022, waste mass balance reporting will be required as supporting information in quarterly waste levy statements. This will help verify that the appropriate waste levies are paid, only allowable rebates are claimed, and that each tonne of waste received at the permissioned premises and its fate is accounted for.

Waste mass balance is the process of reconciling the tonnes of all types of waste received at a permissioned landfill with their fates. It captures all incoming waste received by the permission holder, temporary storage of waste, waste used within the permissioned landfill for operational purposes, waste disposal and any waste removed from the permissioned landfill for resource recovery.

EPA has released these documents now to give you time to set up data collection systems and become familiar with the use of waste mass balance reporting. We encourage you to start using the waste mass balance guideline and template before 1 July 2022, and welcome inclusion of the waste mass balance report with your levy statements for quarters 3 and 4 of 2021-22.

The requirement to submit the waste mass balance report as a supporting document with your waste levy statement commences with the first quarterly statement due in 2022-23.

If you have any queries about completing the waste mass balance report, please contact the Waste Levy Team on 1300 372 842 or

EPA would also like to remind permission holders that the supporting information submitted with your quarterly levy statement must include the methods used in your calculations.

View this update at EPA Victoria’s website

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