Postponement of Environment Protection (Amendment) Act 2018

We have been advised by Cathy Wilkins, the CEO of the EPA that following a sitting of Parliament on Thursday 23 April, it is expected theEnvironment Protection (Amendment) Act 2018 legislation will be formally postponed until 1 July 2021.

On this basis, EPA will continue to regulate under the Environment Protection Act 1970 including all existing subordinate legislation (regulations and statutory policies including state environment protection policies and waste management policies) until the new commencement date.

Any postponement of the commencement of the Environment Protection Act 2018 also means postponing the making of the new subordinate legislation, including the regulations. The regulations will be made closer to the new commencement date. It is intended the regulations will follow the same general format as the current draft and will take into consideration submissions made through the consultation period.

The EPA’s stakeholder engagement program will continue in order to prepare for the new laws in 2021.

ALOA will continue to liaise with the EPA on this issue and provide further updates as they come to hand.

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