ALOA supports multiple disposal options

ALOA has written to the West Gate Tunnel project to express an industry view on the importance of multiple disposal options for large projects, on the basis that we believe it is of the utmost importance to engage with multiple disposal sites for high volume continuous flow of materials requiring disposal based on the following:

  1. The receipt of continuous deliveries of waste material coming from wet tunnel bore spoil can result in operational problems for the receiving entity based upon prevailing weather conditions.
  2. The nature (water content) of tunnel spoil can cause problems with trafficking mud offsite onto public roads, lead to delivery vehicles and yellow gear becoming bogged especially during wet weather.
  3. The 24 / 7 nature of tunnel bore projects leave no time for service interruptions.

It is important that more than one option is available during the period of constant supply. Like all markets, the customer is best served when there is no a monopoly in place.

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