ALOA seeks Landfill Community Fund (LCF)

ALOA has written to State Environment Ministers in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Queenslinad seeking a landfill community fund.

What the letters said | Responses received below.

ALOA proposes that a Landfill Community Fund be created to assist local communities by diverting a portion of the State Landfill Levy to environmental, cultural, historical or natural habitat pursuits. Under the LCF, Landfill Operators will pay a portion of their landfill levy to the LCF which will then deliver projects for the benefit of the Communities and Environment in the immediate vicinity of various landfill sites.

The key areas for use of the LCF are:

    • The reclamation or restoration of land which cannot currently be used
    • The provision, maintenance or improvement of public parks
    • The conservation or creation of a natural habitat for indigenous species
    • The restoration of a place of historic or architectural interest

The LCF should be created in accordance with the terms of approval and prescribed by legislation. It should be independent and report to the Regulator on expenditure by key areas (as above).

Typical projects could include the provision/improvement to Community Halls, sporting facilities, public playgrounds, nature reserves or community gardens.

The LCF could report to the Regulator on a quarterly basis on the sustainability of each project and the extent to which each project has achieved its original intended outcome.

As a point of discussion, it is proposed that the LCF be supported by a diversion of 5% of the current landfill levy.

We are available to discuss this proposal at your convenience…..

Colin Sweet

See the letters

South Australia – Minister Spiers

Queensland – Minister Scanlon

NSW – Minister Kean – See Minister Kean’s response here

WA – Minister Dawson

Victoria – Minister Dambrosio

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