Ash from Waste Incinerators Policy



ALOA’s Position on Ash from Waste Incinerators, Energy from Waste Facilities or Waste to Energy Facilities:

  1. Incinerators produce ash as a residue from combusted waste materials. Broadly speaking, ash is divided into two classifications – Incinerator Bottom Ash or Flue Gas Treatment Ash.
  2. Bottom Ash is generally 15% to 25% by weight of the waste to be incinerated and Flue Gas Treatment Ash is generally 10% to 20% of the Bottom Ash.
  3. Landfills offer a long term, environmentally safe option for the disposal and long-term containment of incinerator ash as long as the ash is appropriately classified according to the relevant waste classification protocol and is disposed of at an appropriately licenced landfill.
  4. At all times, Bottom Ash and Flue Gas Treatment Ash should be handled and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.
  5. Beneficial reuse should only be considered for activities that do not release contaminants to the environment in an uncontrolled manner.

October 13, 2020
Colin Sweet CEO

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