Modern landfills are an essential element in today’s integrated waste management infrastructure.

ALOA members receive and safely manage the disposal of almost three quarters of the waste landfilled in Australia.

Since its inception ALOA has defended the interests of it members in national and state issues. In particular ALOA has campaigned for fairer treatment under the ‘carbon’ tax and for changes to the NGER determination.

Latest News

March 25, 2020

Tasmanian Minister’s Response on COVID-19 Restrictions

See the Tasmanian Minister for the Environment’s (Minister Jaenesch) response to our COVID-19 Restrictions letter Our original letter here All...
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March 24, 2020

COVID-19 Restrictions – ALOA Urgently Calls for landfill Industry to be considered Essential Travel

ALOA has written to all National and State Environment Ministers URGENTLY calling for the landfill industry to be considered essential...
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February 17, 2020

Victoria’s Public Engagement Framework

See the Consultation Draft here The draft framework attempts to consolidate the numerous consultations now required when engaging communities.  It...
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February 17, 2020

Vic Submission – Proposed Buffer Area Overlay Guide

See ALOA's Submission here (Victoria)
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December 27, 2019

In the News

How recycling works across the state (NSW) - SMH 16/12/19
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December 23, 2019

Victorian Inquiry into recycling and waste management

Read the final report
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November 25, 2019

Media Release – Liberal’s Proposed Energy from Waste Scheme Flawed

Media Release 25 November 2019 The Liberal National opposition leader has claimed that rubbish could be turned into power in a...
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November 20, 2019

Chair’s Address – 2019 AGM

ALOA AGM - Monday 19 November 2019 Welcome to the Australian Landfill Owners Association’s (ALOA) eleventh Annual General Meeting. Our...
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October 30, 2019

Victorian Draft Regulations – Submission

View ALOA's Submission on the proposed regulations and Environment Reference Standards (ERS) here
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October 11, 2019

Waste & Recycling Reference Group Update

Read the latest update on proposed subordinate legislation under Victoria’s New Environment Protection Act (EP Act), intended to come into...
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September 26, 2019

Amendment Instrument Commences today

The Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction has made the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Safeguard Mechanism) Rule (No. 2)...
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September 24, 2019

Notice of AGM & Call for Nominations

Notice of AGM  I  Call for Nominations  I Nomination-Form2019 I AGM Timetable I AGM Meeting Agenda I Proxy Form 2019 Notice of Annual...
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September 9, 2019

ALOA In The News

Colin Sweet, CEO ALOA comments on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald. Read the full article
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August 26, 2019

Energy from Waste QLD

View ALOA's submission on Queensland's Energy from Waste Policy discussion paper here
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June 26, 2019

PFAS NEMP Submission

View ALOA's national submission on PFAS Draft NEMP V2 here
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