The Perils of PFAS – Navigating Civil Liability





The Perils of PFAS is designed to help you navigate the issues surrounding PFAS, a contaminant which is garnering greater scrutiny as the knowledge about its impacts continues to evolve.

This article is particularly relevant to potential plaintiffs and defendants of civil liability claims relating to PFAS contamination.

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COVID-19 Restrictions – ALOA Urgently Calls for landfill Industry to be considered Essential Travel

ALOA has written to all National and State Environment Ministers URGENTLY calling for the landfill industry to be considered essential travel under the COVID-19 travel restrictions, including:

  • truck  movements from treatment facilities to and from landfill;
  • truck movements from commercial premises to and from landfill;
  • staff movements related to landfill and waste management operations;
  • support industries movement to and from landfills; and
  • movement of landfill related employees to and from their workplaces.

See our letters below and the responses received

Minister Lawler – NT
Minister Enoch Qld –  Link quoted in PDF
Western Australia 

ALOA’s Letters Sent
South Australia
Norther Territory
New South Wales
Western Australia

Victoria’s Public Engagement Framework

See the Consultation Draft here

The draft framework attempts to consolidate the numerous consultations now required when engaging communities.  It will impact any organisation who is required to undertake community consultation.

Media Release – Liberal’s Proposed Energy from Waste Scheme Flawed

Media Release

25 November 2019

The Liberal National opposition leader has claimed that rubbish could be turned into power in a bid to help solve Victoria’s waste crisis, under a major policy proposal from the opposition.

“By investing in energy-from-waste facilities and upgrading recycling technology throughout Victoria, the Liberal Nationals will eliminate household waste going to landfill by 2035,” opposition leader Michael O’Brien said.

ALOA CEO Colin Sweet says that “ALOA supports waste avoidance and a reduction of waste to landfill, however landfill disposal is an integral component of the overall waste management matrix.

Landfill disposal must remain in place for waste materials that cannot be recycled or burnt such as asbestos, contaminated soils and recycling residuals.

ALOA is concerned that it is not possible to eliminate landfill without promoting dispersing pollution.

The proposed scheme appears flawed given Waste To Energy (WtE) concentrates heavy metals in the Bottom Ash, which will need to go to landfill, or will alternatively spread through the environment through poor reuse – which will be counter-productive!

The $120 million over four years will not buy any significant infrastructure in the waste to energy space.

ALOA asks, “Where will the WtE facilities be built? “

For further, information contact ALOA CEO Colin Sweet at or 0409 290 209

Colin Sweet

Chair’s Address – 2019 AGM

ALOA AGM – Monday 19 November 2019

Welcome to the Australian Landfill Owners Association’s (ALOA) eleventh Annual General Meeting.

Our landfill members accept three quarters of the waste landfilled in Australia and provide safe disposal services to the general public, local government, industry, mining and agriculture.

It’s been a busy year for ALOA, actively advocating on behalf of members, making representations and meeting with all levels of government on a range of issues including:

  • Proposed regulations and environment reference standards
  • PFAS Nemp2
  • Qld Resource Recovery Road map and action plan (Energy from Waste)
  • ERF -Carbon Credits Methodology Determination Variation
  • The Landfill Gas Method
  • Inquiry in Recycling and Waste Management (Victoria)
  • Safeguard Mechanism
  • Landfill Levy (Queensland)
  • Draft Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy (Queensland)
  • Proposed regulations and environment reference standards (Victoria)

The State Chapters have undertaken projects to represent members’ views on state-based issues.  Thanks to our current and former State Chapter Chairs:

  • NSW – Phil Carbins
  • Queensland – Richard Taylor
  • WA – Eugene Olman
  • SA – Colin Sweet
  • Victoria – Daniel Fyfe

ALOA CEO Colin Sweet and State Chapters have engaged with respective governments and regulatory bodies on key issues including:

  • Waste Reform
  • Environmental standards
  • Levies
  • New reporting and waste levy requirements

ALOA continues to advocate on behalf of members and making positive inroads.  We are being taken seriously – as demonstrated by the fact that CEO Colin Sweet was quoted on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald regarding the shortage of landfills in the Sydney CBD.

The ALOA Board works hard on behalf of members, meeting monthly to discuss and progress key industry issues.  I would like to thank the following elected Directors who served in 2018/19 and will continue to serve in 2019/20:

  • Phil Carbins (SUEZ)
  • Daniel Fyfe (Hanson
  • John Jones (SUEZ)
  • Richard Taylor (Ti Tri Bioenergy)
  • Wayde Peterson (Shellharbour City Council)

I would also like to thank Noni Shannon (Partner, Norton Rose) who continues to provide important legal perspective as our skill based director.  Skill based directors are appointed by the board each year.

I would also like to thank our Directors who served for a portion of 2018/19:

  • Darren North (Newcastle City Council), who resigned in February 2019 after leaving Council;
  • Mark Taylor (Veolia) who moved to a different position within his organisation.

I thank them both for their service and contribution to ALOA.

This year after a call for nominations I am pleased to announce that Wayde Peterson from Shellharbour City Council has been re-elected.

I would also like to take this opportunity to advise the I am stepping down as Chair of the ALOA Board.  I have held this position since December 2014.  I have made this decision based on the fact that I have taken a different role within SUEZ.  My successor will be elected at the Board meeting following this AGM.  I wish them well.  I will continue to serve on the board as a Director and immediate past Chair.

On behalf of all ALOA members, I would like to thank my fellow Directors and our CEO Colin Sweet for all of their work during 2018/19.

Thank you

Phil Carbins
Australian Landfill Owners Association\