Media Archive

22/12/14Daily Telegraph, Csarbon tax rates rip-off: Greedy councils pocket our cash as NSW government calls for a ‘please explain’
09/05/14ALOA Media release WA State Government 2014-15 budget re landfill levies
12/06/12Sydney Morning Herald, ‘Rich are better at recycling? What a total load of rubbish’
09/06/12WME, ‘How to estimate CPM costs at landfills’
12/04/12‘Recent Government statements confuse landfill operators and their clients’
12/03/12WME, ‘ALOA – CFI doesn’t deliver on offsets’
17/05/11Inside Waste Weekly, ‘ALOA opposes government’s carbon pricing’
10/05/11Inside Waste Weekly, ‘Draft changes to greenhouse reporting methods’
25/03/11Landfill Owners pleased at tabling of CFI Legislation
22/02/11Inside Waste Weekly, ‘Landfills part of the solution, says ALOA chair’
26/10/10Inside Waste Weekly, ‘ALOA’s Climate Change Policy’
29/06/10Inside Waste Weekly, ‘ALOA’s Landfill Levy Checklist’
15/06/10Waste Inspectors Wanted (QLD)
25/11/09CPRS Revision Press Release
18/11/09Waste Strategy
06/08/09The Australian,’Methane: landfill must get big, or get out’
05/06/09Landfill Industry Says Proxy Estimation Methodology Is Effectively “Dead”
14/05/09Removal of Legacy Waste from CPRS
14/05/09Government removes Legacy Waste from CPRS
16/03/09Sydney Morning Herald, ‘Landfill gas fees drive up rates’
12/03/09Government rushes to finalise CPRS
03/03/09Inside Waste Weekly, ‘Industry calls for CPRS delay suits landfillers’
27/02/09Response to AI Group Media Release
27/02/09National Executive Discussion on Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
06/02/09Environmental News, ‘You won’t see early closures, landfill industry says’
05/02/09Environmental News, ‘Carbon levies of more than $13 per tonne of waste to landfill possible’
17/12/08Landfill Owners Concerned with CPRS Decision